News releases

29 Mar 2018

Development of a non-scaffold construction method for installing outer wall panels

20 Feb 2018

Surveying by drones reduces time required for progress control of earthworks by 60%

04 Jan 2018

Keynote of New Year’s Address from Our President

30 Oct 2017

Launching a biomass power generation project fueled with rice husk in Ayeyarwaddy Region in Myanmar

05 Sep 2017

IoT enables visualization of earthwork using heavy construction machinery

22 Jun 2017

Development of a Building Maintenance System utilizing BIM model data

31 May 2017

Development of a wild flora and fauna conservation management method in construction sites

03 Apr 2017

The President’s Address at the Initiation Ceremony

27 Feb 2017

Development of Advanced Remote-Controlled Robot (Robo-Q Ⅱ) and Operators for the Unmanned Machines

04 Jan 2017

Keynote of New Year’s Address from Our President

24 Oct 2016

Graduate Studies to Overcome Challenges that Corporations Face– Launch of “ISDC Program” by Kogakuin University

02 Aug 2016

Development of “FAST-BOX” on-site incinerated ash stabilization system – for low cost washing and carbonation treatment using iron box containers

06 Jul 2016

Development of integrated CIM modeling including numerical analysis model

26 Jun 2016

Development of a system to reduce ultra-low frequency tunnel blasting sound by recycled drums as sound absorption equipment

30 May 2016

Development of new drying shrinkage strain control technology in concrete structures and verification of the crack reducing effect

26 Apr 2016

Real time 3D visualization of tunnel lining concrete casting process - Application to a tunnel excavation project during reconstruction work after the Great East Japan Earthquake

01 Apr 2016

The President’s Address at the Initiation Ceremony

29 Feb 2016

Interior Finish Inspection System “Shi-a-ge Checker” was used for the first time at the private viewing of a condominium project

04 Jan 2016

New Year’s Greeting from the President

21 Dec 2015

Development of a Roundness Measurement System for Small Diameter Shield Tunneling Machines

01 Oct 2015

Completion of the merger of Daiwa Odakyu Construction Co., Ltd. and Fujita Corporation

04 Aug 2015

The Announcement of Business Merger with Daiwa Odakyu Construction Co., Ltd.

23 Jul 2015
Investment in new energy business in Southeast Asia
16 Jun 2015

Reduced environmental impact through use of proper detonators during demolition of Kumamoto Arase Dam’s right bank watercourse.

06 May 2015

Participation in the maintenance and improvement of agricultural land in Sera-cho, Hiroshima

13 Apr 2015

Field Validation starts for “HAL® For Labor Support (for Lumbar)” robotic suits

01 Apr 2015

The President’s Address at the Initiation Ceremony

24 Mar 2015

Synergy Development No. 5 A joint development of seismic support material “Dual Core Brace” – suitable for use in both high-rise and low-rise construction

26 Feb 2015

Synergy Development No. 4 Joint development of “STARS Footing Beam Method”

13 Feb 2015

Announcement of Election of the President and Newly-appointed Representative Directors

26 Jan 2015

Fujita Corporation’s On-site Wastewater treatment with water quality Monitoring (FOWM) is a drainage and decontamination system for water contaminated with caesium, “F.O.W.M.”

05 Jan 2015

New Year’s Greeting from the President

22 Dec 2014

Commercial adoption of the easily manufactured, high performance “FIRST Brace” increases dramatically.

07 Nov 2014

“Fujita’s ‘Superior Environment’ Report” has been issued.

08 Oct 2014

Fujita releases the “Masscon Watcher” – a system for simultaneously analyzing temperature and stress and reducing crack formation during concrete curing

30 Sep 2014

“Concrete Filling Monitor” for visualization of the concrete placement to be released to the market in October 2015

10 Mar 2014

Bird’s-eye visualization system developed for unmanned construction work -Improved application performance on disaster and operability

06 Jan 2014

New Year’s Greeting address

25 Nov 2013

Large land class readjustment project in SENDAI City – High added–value type town planning through construction of linked Medical welfare institution.

11 Oct 2013

SOMA Solar Power plant has begins power generation. Model business for reconstruction following an earthquake

17 Jun 2013

Atomic Bomb window frame monument moved

01 Apr 2013

New Employees Initiation Ceremony

22 Jan 2013

Notice of the Shareholder Transfer Completion

04 Jan 2013

New Year President’s Address Summary

18 Oct 2012

Development of CO2 monitoring system “FCMS” for construction sites

15 Oct 2012

Fujita acquired the next generation accreditation mark “KURUMIN”

30 Sep 2012

Fujita issues “Environmental Report for 2012”

20 Sep 2012

Students of Architectural Engineering visit construction sites

10 Aug 2012

Notification of share transfer

25 Jul 2012

Financial report (Consolidated / Nonconsolidated) for the year ended March 31, 2012 posted

07 Jul 2012

Juniors of School of Architecture visit construction sites

22 May 2012

A Technology Prize in 2011 is awarded to FUJITA’s Dam construction projects

02 Apr 2012

New Employees Initiation Ceremony

08 Mar 2012

Students of School of Architecture visit construction sites

19 Jan 2012

Air purification system using soil (EAP) was introduced overseas for the first time

18 Jan 2012

Students of elementary school visited our shield tunnel site

04 Jan 2012

New Year’s Greeting from the President

30 Nov 2011

Students of a Technical High School in Hiroshima visited Fujita’s site

17 Oct 2011

On-demand lecture on science at the Tomuro Municipal Elementary School in Atsugi-city on September 16, 2011

30 Sep 2011

Fujita issues “Environmental Report for 2011”

16 Sep 2011

Development of LED lighting system with high power and high efficiency

14 Jul 2011

Receiving the 13th Infrastructure Technology Development Awards in 2011

27 Jun 2011

The NISSAN Motor offered a letter of appreciation to FUJITA

24 Jun 2011

Students of a Technical High School visited our building construction sites in Yamanashi Prefecture

10 Jun 2011

Joining in the “Japan-China Green Exposition 2011” held in Beijing, China

22 Mar 2011

Measures for the Great East Japan Earthquake (continued news)

15 Mar 2011

Measures for the Great East Japan Earthquake