International experience

We offer high-quality, quick-turnaround construction of the factories, logistics centers, and operational centers required by our customers who are planning overseas expansion. Our local employees understand the unique business environment, climate, and culture of that country or locale and can propose the plan most suited to the customer’s overseas strategy.

We deliver Japanese levels of service globally

At Fujita, we strive to help you with business localization, which includes recommending accurate technology and high-quality services of the level available only from Japanese general contractors that train and utilize outstanding local human resources overseas. Our own local employees provide reliable support for our customers’ overseas strategies that ranges from preliminary property surveys and basic design to post-construction maintenance.

We blend local knowledge with Japanese know-how

Overseas climates and soil conditions pose the risk of lower building durability and safety. At Fujita, our personnel understand Japanese business practices as well as the local culture and systems, allowing us to build reliable factories, logistics centers, residential and commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, and infrastructure. Fujita also provides help in applying for the permits required by the laws of each country in order to enable rapid start and completion.

We’re with you at every step of the process

At Fujita, we can help with every step of your overseas project

  1. Planning support
    Property surveys and basic design
  2. Design and permit applications
    Help with complicated processes
  3. Construction and technological strengths
    Diligent and proactive monitoring throughout the construction process
  4. Maintenance, repairs and renovations
    Full service, post-construction aftercare

Our specialist areas of expertise


Mazda, Mexico

High rise construction

Hang Seng Tower, Shanghai


High speed rail, Taiwan