Overview of Fujita

Company Name Fujita Corporation
Headquarters Address 4-25-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8570, Japan
(Headquarter Address on Commercial Registry: 4-32-22 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Representative President and CEO, Yoji Okumura
Established December 1910
Incorporated October 2002
Contractor’s license Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-29, Special-30) No.19796
The Building Lots and Building Transaction Business License Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: No. 6348 (4)
Capital 14 Billion Yen
Number of Employees
(As of April 1, 2022)
Number of Licensed Employees
(As of April 1, 2022)
Doctors in Engineering and/or Science: 38
Professional Engineers: 198
Registered Architects, First Class: 660
Registered Supervising Engineers of Construction Work - First Class: 1,042
Registered Supervising Engineers of Civil Engineering Work - First Class: 782
Registered Real-estate Brokers: 599
Business details
  1. 1.Contracting, planning, design, supervision, and consulting services for construction projects
  2. 2.Research, planning, design, management, and consulting services related to space development, marine development, community development, urban development, resource development, and environmental improvement
  3. 3.Real estate appraisals and business operations related to real estate buying, selling, trading, leasing, and management as well as agent and mediation services
  4. 4.Type II financial instruments business based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, investment advice and agent services, and investment management services
  5. 5.Business operations based on the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act
  6. 6.Business operations related to the development and subdivision of residential property and the construction and sale of homes
  7. 7.Business operations related to soil contamination studies, removal, and similar operations
  8. 8.Business operations related to the maintenance and management of buildings, structures, and their equipment
  9. 9.Ownership, management, and consulting services related to accommodation facilities, sports facilities, recreational facilities, health and medical facilities, educational facilities, and restaurants, as well as a travel agency business
  10. 10.Business related to power generation and electricity supply by using wind power, solar power, geothermal power, hydropower, etc.
  11. 11.Project development, acquisition, rentals, and sales related to industrial property rights, copyrights, other intangible property rights, expertise, and software, as well as information processing services
  12. 12.Business operations related to the development, sale, rental, maintenance, and management of computing devices, electronic devices, and similar equipment
  13. 13.Business operations related to project development and sales in connection with information and telecommunication systems
  14. 14.Business operations related to multimedia research and development
  15. 15.Manufacturing, processing, sales, and rentals of construction materials, equipment, and machinery
  16. 16.Business operations related to research, development, manufacturing, sales, rentals, maintenance, management and international trade of living environment equipment
  17. 17.Worker dispatch services
  18. 18.Money lending and other financial services
  19. 19.All business operations incidental to the aforementioned items
Branch and Other Offices
In Japan
Tokyo Branch Office, Chiba Branch Office, Kanto Branch Office, Yokohama Branch Office, Osaka Branch Office, Nagoya Branch Office, Hiroshima Branch Office, Kyushu Branch Office, Touhoku Branch Office, Transportation Construction Business Division, International Business Branch, Development Division
Key Overseas Office Locations
Shanghai, Hong Kong, Philippines, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Mexico, Bangkok, Taipei, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Yangon, Malaysia, Singapore, Doha
Local Subsidiaries
Fujita (China) Construction Co., Ltd. (in Shanghai)
Key Research Center
Technology Development Division (Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture)