Urban renewal

Fujita has the ability to improve customers’ property values and business values through project proposals based on our construction technology, our ability to coordinate complex local rights, and our expertise backed by specialized knowledge related to diverse business methods, permits, and so on.

Land reallocation projects

We effectively maintain residential lots, roads, parks, and business zones that take advantage of the existing community, using comprehensive urban development methods based on the Land Readjustment Act. At Fujita, we act as an “urban development coordinator”, setting up frameworks for urban development that integrate the desires of landowners, local government, and private enterprise into a single vision, and providing all-encompassing support for continuous business development.

Solving problems with community initiatives

We develop safe, comfortable cities by integrating divided lots, fireproofing buildings, and establishing cooperative building ownership through joint rebuilding projects based on the Urban Renewal Act.

We promote large-scale cooperative ownership in city centers and areas around major train stations in our efforts to support customers who are thinking about putting unused lots to use.

We’re with you throughout the process

At Fujita, we can help with every step of your urban renewal project

Consensus building
Business project proposals
Negotiating with local government
Business operations
Reservation sales