Corporate Governance

Code of Behavior
To achieve our fundamental mission, we will declare and pursue the code of behavior as follows.

  1. Practice business faithfully
    Whether in Japan or overseas, we will always follow the law and guideline as well as the social ethics and common sense, to all business related people, treat them justly and fairly and maintain transparent relationship as we conduct faithful business.
  2. Pursuit clients' satisfaction
    To gain trust and to provide satisfaction for clients and the society, we will furnish attractive products and services with high quality. In addition, we will continue to improve technology and the products and services' quality and safety, as we also strive to create new values.
  3. Contribute to the world environment
    We will practice "Fujita's Eco Charter" and thrive to create "Ko-Kankyo" throughout various corporate activities, and by eliminating environmental impact and realizing sustainable measures for the society.
  4. Contribute to the local communities
    We will contribute and participate in the local communities by spreading the joy of creating things, the importance of urban development, and consideration for environment, by providing environmental education.
  5. Eliminate antisocial forces
    We will take a firm approach to completely refuse relations with antisocial forces and organized crimes who interfere social order and safety.
  6. Create energetic corporate climate
    We respect human rights, individual characteristics as well as diversity, and realize the feelings of comfort and affluence by creating comfortable work environment and energetic corporate climate.