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Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

At Fujita Corporation and Fujita Group, we believe that appropriate use and proper protection of the personal information that we handle during the course of our work is part of our responsibility to society. We have therefore created the following Fujita Group Privacy Policy. All employees are made aware of this policy, and we are committed to the execution and maintenance of the policy.

Fujita Group Privacy Policy

  1. 1.Compliance with laws, regulations and standards

    We shall comply with laws, regulations and other standards that apply to the protection of the personal information handled by those companies.

  2. 2.Acquisition of personal information

    When acquiring personal information, we shall use lawful and fair methods, and shall acquire only the information that is required to fulfill the purposes in question.

  3. 3.Use of personal information

    We shall take sufficient care to ensure that the personal information they have acquired is used only within the scope specified elsewhere, and does not infringe upon the rights of the parties who supplied it.

  4. 4.Execution of safety measures

    To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we shall carry out safety measures, including their existing information security measures, to endeavor to prevent incidents such as unauthorized access to personal information or the loss, damage, falsification or leakage of personal information.

  5. 5.Provision to third parties, etc.

    Unless required by law, we shall only provide personal information to a third party after receiving the consent of the party who supplied it, and shall only do so within the scope necessary to fulfill the purposes in question.

  6. 6.Disclosure, amendment, cessation of use, deletion, etc. of personal details

    We shall respect the rights of the parties who supply personal information. In the event that a party who supplied personal information makes a request to the company regarding their personal information, such as a request for disclosure, amendment, cessation of use or deletion, the company shall make a sincere effort to comply with the request to a reasonable extent based on socially accepted ideas and practices.

  7. 7.Creation of organizational framework, establishment of internal regulations and ongoing improvement of these

    Fujita Corporation shall make all of its employees aware of the importance of protecting personal information, and shall establish group regulations and create an organizational framework for the group and each company to ensure appropriate use and protection of personal information. Fujita Corporation shall maintain these and make ongoing improvements.

Announcement of purposes of use

When personal information is needed in order to carry out construction work and various other work, we acquire and use this information through appropriate methods. The purposes of use are announced below according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the Fujita Group Privacy Policy. In the event that a company in the Fujita Group establishes another purpose of use in addition to those announced here, the company shall announce that purpose of use.

  1. 1.Contracting, planning, design, supervision, and consulting services for construction projects.
  2. 2.Research, planning, design, management, and consulting services related to space development, marine development, community development, urban development, resource development, and environmental improvement.
  3. 3.Real estate appraisals and business operations related to real estate buying, selling, trading, leasing, and management as well as agent and mediation services.
  4. 4.Type II financial instruments business based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, investment advice and agent services, and investment management services.
  5. 5.Business operations based on the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act.
  6. 6.Business operations related to the development and subdivision of residential property and the construction and sale of homes.
  7. 7.Business operations related to soil contamination studies, removal, and similar operations.
  8. 8.Business operations related to the maintenance and management of buildings, structures, and their equipment.
  9. 9.Ownership, management, and consulting services related to accommodation facilities, sports facilities, recreational facilities, health and medical facilities, educational facilities, and restaurants, as well as a travel agency business.
  10. 10.Project development, acquisition, rentals, and sales related to industrial property rights, copyrights, other intangible property rights, expertise, and software, as well as information processing services.
  11. 11.Business operations related to the development, sale, rental, maintenance, and management of computing devices, electronic devices, and similar equipment.
  12. 12.Business operations related to project development and sales in connection with information and telecommunication systems.
  13. 13.Business operations related to multimedia research and development.
  14. 14.Manufacturing, processing, sales, and rentals of construction materials, equipment, and machinery.
  15. 15.Business operations related to research, development, manufacturing, sales, rentals, maintenance, management and international trade of living environment equipment.
  16. 16.Worker dispatch services.
  17. 17.Money lending and other financial services.
  18. 18.All business operations incidental to the aforementioned items.
*In the event of a change in the above purposes of use, we shall announce the updated purposes of use as soon as possible (see Article 18-3 of the Personal Information Protection Act).
*Personal information may be provided to a third party in the following cases (see Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act).
  1. 1.Cases in which the party who supplied the personal information agrees.
  2. 2.Cases in which providing the personal information is required by law.
  3. 3.Cases in which the personal information needs to be provided in order to protect a person’s life, safety or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the party who supplied the personal information.
  4. 4.Cases in which the personal information needs to be provided in order to improve public health or ensure the healthy development of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the party who supplied the personal information.
  5. 5.Cases in which a national government organization, local public organization or a party contracted by such an organization requires cooperation in order to carry out its legally mandated duties and obtaining the consent of the party who supplied the personal information may impede the execution of the organization’s duties, and other cases in which the personal information needs to be provided for public benefit.
  6. 6.Other cases that are not in violation of laws, regulations or the Fujita Group Privacy Policy.