Company structure

The top level structure of Fujita is as shown in the figure above. Under the president are the following divisions and departments.

Management Reform Promotion Department

Open Innovation Department

Water Project Promoting Department

Next-generation Air Conditioning Promoting Department Project Promoting Office, Product Development Office

Administration Division Corporate Planning Department, Legal and Credit Department, Accounting Department, Finance Department, Information Systems Department, General Affairs Department, Human Resources Department I, Diversity Promotion Department, Human Resources Development Department, Business Support Department

Business Development Division Administration Department, Business Promotion Department, Customer Satisfaction Promotion Department, Call Center, Business Development Department, Business Planning Department

Construction Division Building Construction Management Department, Civil Engineering Construction Management Department, Mechanical & Electrical Systems Department, Inspection and Quality Management Department, VE Promotion Department, Productivity Improvement Department, Architectural Design & Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Technology Department, Building Construction Engineering Department

Safety and Environment Division Safety and Environment Department

Procurement Division Procurement Department

Technology Development Division Building Research Department I, Building Research Department II, Civil Engineering Research Department, Information Technology Solutions Development Department, Production Research Department, Environmental Research Department, Planning and Research Department, Administration Department, Intellectual Property Department

Internal Audit Department

Branch Office Division Tokyo Branch, Chiba Branch, Sapporo Branch, Kanto Branch, Yokohama Branch, Tokyo Civil Engineering Regional Branch, Tohoku Branch, Osaka Branch, Nagoya Branch, Hiroshima Branch, Kyushu Branch, Transportation Construction Business Division, East Asia & ASEAN Business Division, India & Middle East Business Division, South Mexico Business Division, North Mexico Business Division, China Business Division, Overseas Development Division, Development Division