Fujita Corporation Press Release
Released: 04 Jan 2018

Keynote of New Year's Address from Our President

Fujita Corporation (Headquarter: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. President: Yoji Okumura), a member of Daiwa House Group, hosted a New Year’s celebration today and here we’d like to share a digest of our CEO’s speech.

1. Date & Time: January 4, 2018 (8:45 ~ 9:15)

2. Venue: SYD Hall (Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

3. Summary

Happy New Year to you all. Let me take this opportunity to deliver a New Year’s speech.
I would like to give you this year’s corporate slogan as “one more step ahead, number one, wonderful” year to suit the “Year of Dog” in Chinese astrology (here, “one” and “won” mean bark sound of dogs in Japanese).

Last year, the construction industry that we serve was thriving, and this year that situation will continue. In these circumstances, it’s good chance to think anew about our goals for the future and the year. In order for us to achieve sustainable growth in future as a company under any circumstances, we must examine any underlying issues and immediately begin to make efforts to resolve them. Particularly for this year, I would like you to start to identify the underlying basic issues and establish your own ways to solve them.

Other important issues to be focused on in this year include Safety, Quality and Compliance. To enhance safety, we are conducting a corporate campaign entitled “thinking of our family”. The point of this campaign is to conduct safety management thoroughly at our construction sites for every worker to go back to their homes safely to meet family without any accidents. As for quality, in order for us to ensure reliability for our clients as a technology-oriented company, I would like to ask you to keep our quality of work very high by taking a fresh look at our work quality. Finally, I would like to ask you to thoroughly observe compliance with all laws and regulations.

When you overcome these issues, we will feel that we have advanced to the next stage. This year, let’s make positive efforts and go forward.

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