Fujita Corporation Press Release
Released: 17 Jun 2013

Atomic Bomb window frame monument moved

On the night of 01 June 2013, FUJITA moved a 45 tonne monument containing a section of wall exposed to the 1945 Hiroshima atomic bomb blast from its position outside the red cross Hospital of Hiroshima to a new home in a memorial park 140m away.

The relocation work involved raising the 45 tonne monument with a large crane, transporting it through closed city streets and resetting it in its new home.

The portion of the hospital contained in the monument came from the predecessor of the Hiroshima red-cross hospital, which was built by FUJITA prior to World WarⅡ. When the atomic bomb detonated the wooden parts of the hospital were incinerated, but main building and other wards made from reinforced concrete were not destroyed (although all the windows were blown out). As a result the hospital able to treat patients in the aftermath of the bomb, when the all other hospitals were destroyed. As a result a part of a wall and window frame from this structure were incorporated into a monument, when the hospital was rebuilt in 1993.

FUJITA has long term relationship with this hospital, constructing the original building which treated so many bomb victims, building the new hospital in 1993 and installation of the monument. As well as taking pride in the relocation of this monument we also take pride in this chapter of Fujita’s history.

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